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Planning To Get A Partial Denture – All Your Options

If you have a few missing teeth, one of the most feasible options is getting a partial denture. It is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain than most other replacement methods. However, there are multiple types of partial dentures in Rockford. Here are the 5 types of partial dentures that you can consider.

partial dentures in Rockford

Cast Metal

One of the most common types, a cast metal removable denture, includes a replacement tooth with a metal frame. If you take good care of it, this type of partial denture can last for multiple years.


It is a removable denture containing a thick, pink-colored acrylic base for stability and strength. It is attached to your original teeth with metal clasps and is comfortable to use. However, it is usually a temporary option.


If you think a cast metal or acrylic denture is uncomfortable, this will be a suitable option for you. A flexible partial denture is made from relatively thin plastic, containing gum-colored clasps. However, they are pricier than the acrylic ones.

Fixed Bridge

It is a good option for you if your other teeth are relatively healthy. A fixed bridge includes placing a bridge each at the two ends with the replacement teeth in the middle. It is like a permanent solution that you need not remove but may hamper healthy teeth to some extent.

Fixed Bridge with Implant

It is the best permanent option and is feasible for one or more missing teeth. The process involves getting an artificial (usually titanium) root implant followed by a bridge. You can also get an implant for a full arch of teeth in a row for multiple missing teeth.


Partial dentures are downright the most inexpensive replacement options. However, you must weigh all the details while choosing the type that suits you the most.